Online Objections Form

You have taken an examination and EXIN did not award you a certificate because you have breached the Rules and Regulations for EXIN Examinations in any way.  You disagree with the sanction EXIN has imposed in case of a (suspected) breach of the rules. In that case, you must first file an objection with EXIN.  If you disagree with the decision rejecting your objection, you have the right to appeal against it at the Board of Appeal. For more information on lodging an objection, please consult the Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s Examinations, or contact the Candidate Support department.  
If you disagree with a decision rejecting your objection, you have the right to appeal against it at the Board of Appeal. Decisions by the Board of Appeal are binding. Costs are involved in filing an appeal.

EXIN will accept the objections if the following conditions are met: 
1) The decision you object against must be a decision by EXIN which is open to objection pursuant to the Rules and Regulations for EXIN’s Examinations art. 20 and art. 27. 
2) The objection is lodged within a term of two months after the decision. 
3) The Objection Form is fully completed. 
4) The objection is substantiated or contains supporting information. 

The Objection procedure is described in Article 30 of the Rules & Regulations for EXIN Examinations: 
30.1 Candidates can only file Objections against decisions of EXIN in the cases explicitly referred to in these Rules and Regulations.  
30.2 Objections must be filed in writing within two months from the date of the decision by EXIN to which they relate. 
30.3 An Objection can only be filed by using the relevant form. Objections must be substantiated in this form to be eligible for reassessment of the decision. 
30.4 Objections will be handled by EXIN. EXIN will not charge any costs for the handling of Objections. 
30.5 The receipt of the Objection will be confirmed in writing. After the Objection has been handled, the manner in which it is settled will be announced in writing. 
30.6 The lodging of an Objection does not suspend the decision against which the Objection is made. 
30.7 Appeals can be filed against each decision by EXIN on an Objection if that Objection is denied.